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100% Cloud & Serverless


We are pleased to announce the launch of our brand new website! The updated website includes a new design and a new approach, and the more important: a new technology!.

We said goodbay to our ASP.NET & IIS old fashion implementation, and now we have no any server at all.

Static website


Static websites are very low cost, provide high-levels of reliability, require almost no IT administration, and scale to handle enterprise-level traffic with no additional work. No server-side code execution is required.

Static doesn’t have to mean boring—static sites can provide client-side interactivity as well. Using HTML5 and client-side JavaScript technologies such as jQuery, AngularJS, Bootstrap, React, and Backbone, you can deliver rich user experiences that are engaging and interactive.

Moving to an Cloud & Serverless Architecture


In this approach we use Amazon and the following AWS services:

AWS static website hosting architecture
AWS static website hosting architecture. Image from Amazon

Dynamic Contact Form


Basically, no static website is truly static. We can promise you will find at least a “contact us” page in most static websites, which, by their very nature, are dynamically generated.

Obviously, you don’t want to spin-up a server to handle a simple “contact us” form, but it’s a critical element of your website (for us too).

Luckily, in this post-cloud world, AWS delivers a Serverless option. We use AWS Lambda with Amazon API Gateway to create a serverless backend and use Amazon Simple Email Service to send an email to the our Inbox whenever a customer submits any inquiry or feedback.

AWS static website hosting architecture

AWS 100% serverles Contact Form architecture. Image from Amazon

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100% Cloud & Serverless

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